Underwater & Aerial Photography

Capture the best memories of your holiday with our exclusive photo shoots – A must-do!

Simply, we take the best pictures. That’s it!

In 2015, Cedric and Marine introduced this unique idea in Mauritius, recognizing that everyone desires to capture the best photos, be it for social media, an extraordinary vacation keepsake, or simply to express their adoration for the ocean.

We’ll take you to breathtaking locations with stunning landscapes and scenery. Everything feels fluid, light, and enjoyable underwater! We value your input and ideas as we aim to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

We can still capture great photos even if you’re not entirely comfortable in the water by shooting in shallow waters. Additionally, we combine underwater shots and aerial photography to add diversity to the session and provide you with high-quality, professionally edited photographs.


Our photographers shoot with an Ikelite underwater housing, a Nikon D7500 and DJI Mavic Pro 2 and offer two photo shooting packages:

  • 60min session and 2 photo shooting spots with 30 edited pictures.
  • 120min session and 3 photo shooting spots with 45 edited pictures.


Maternity, honeymoon, personal, wedding, trash the dress, family or free diving shooting, let’s create and have fun together !

You will be provided with the unedited images, from which you can select your preferred references. The edited images will be shared with you through a WeTransfer link within 15 business days, excluding weekends.


➞ Please be aware that the height and color of the water marks in the shooting locations are subject to the tides, which is a natural phenomenon beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the pictures you receive will be identical to those displayed on our Instagram page, as conditions may differ or fluctuate from one day to another.

➞ Our photo editing process aims to maintain consistency with the style you see on our Instagram page. Rest assured that all images are edited by the same photographer, though variations may occur due to different lighting or weather conditions, which can naturally influence the final result. We strive to capture the essence and beauty of each moment, providing you with a visual experience that reflects our signature style. 

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Underwater & Aerial Photography


Iconic spots

Lagoon cruise


  • Bring your swimsuit & towels
  • Don’t forget sunscreen & sunglasses
  • Accessories provided: shells, floaty, flowers
  • Remember to charge your camera & phone
  • You can bring an extra swimsuit/outfit for pictures

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