Combined Dolphins And Whales Excursion

Watch these magnificent creatures of the ocean in their natural habitat..

The best of both worlds combined into one exceptional excursion…

For a peaceful and respectful interaction with dolphins, it’s recommended to start early at 6:15 during the winter season and 5:30 during the summer season. The tour typically involves observing bottlenose or spinner dolphins and swimming with them for approximately 60 to 90 minutes. After that, the tour proceeds to look for whales.


In Mauritius, there are usually two different species of whales : sperm whales that reside year-round and live far away at sea. And humpback whales, which only migrate to our shores from May to September to feed and protect newborns or calves. We will watch humpback whales or sperm whales in their natural environment according to the season and our luck that day.
The trip will last about 4 hours, based on their location. Patience is key with the whales.

Please note that there is a possibility that we may not see whales, but we use a hydrophone to locate them. We offer a discount of 10% on the overall rate if you do not see the whales.

There could be a relatively long search period to find them, we do not recommend young children aboard for this specific excursion.


It’s important to approach marine wildlife with care and caution, and to follow any regulations or guidelines in place for the area where you are observing them. Remember that dolphins and whales are wild animals and should be respected in their natural habitat. Additionally, it’s important to minimize our impact on the environment and practice sustainable and eco-friendly behavior while enjoying these amazing creatures.

Homemade banana bread and soft drinks will be provided while on tour.


Add your personal underwater photos and videos with dolphins, taken by our photography guides using the latest GoPro cameras. Please note that the final outcome of the photos and videos will be subject to the interaction with the dolphin, your swimming skills, and the overall sea conditions. Once reviewed and approved, all files will be provided to you on an SD card at the end of the trip or sent via WeTransfer.


It is prohibited to swim with whales in Mauritius according to the Tourism Authority (Dolphin and Whale Watching) Regulations 2012. This trip is only a viewing experience as per law in Mauritius.

Maximum Capacity per boat is 8 people. You can reserve the boat (price remains the same for up to 4 guests) and specify any additional people to each boat.

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Combined Dolphins And Whales Excursion

 Dolphin Interaction


Deep sea

Snack & soft drinks

  • Snack and soft drinks on board
  • Don’t forget sunscreen & sunglasses
  • Remember to charge your camera & phone

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