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Let’s discover these fascinating & very intelligent animals in their natural habitat with our best seller trip!


3 hours private dolphins excursion


On the West Coast of Mauritius, we are lucky enough to have wild dolphins that come near the shore to socialize, rest & play every morning. We can encounter two types of dolphins: spinner & bottlenose. We normally see one or the other, except if you are very lucky and meet both species, which happens sometimes!


We love these sea creatures and our goal is to guide our customers through this lifetime experience; passion and respect are our priority. The crew will start the excursion with their briefing and give you details about: security, respect of the dolphins, different spots that you will visit etc…


The departure & arrival is from the L'Estuaire in Black River (refer to location point).

We encourage a very early departure for a peaceful & respectful swimming experience with the mammals; 6:15am in Winter season & 5:30am in Summer season. We observe and swim with them for approximately 60min to 90min. Then we cruise to our favorite snorkeling in the Natural Aquarium to see the tropical sea life: clams, fishes, starfish, corals... Last stop of the trip will be the famous Crystal Rock, in the White Lagoon. A fragile coral formation in the middle of crystal clear water.


For your comfort, snorkelling equipment is provided on board as well as soft beverages and homemade banana bread. Please bring along your beach towel


Pssst… Stay calm & positive, the dolphins can feel your energy as they have cerebral & emotional ratios very close to us, humans!

➞ Please note that water visibility, number of dolphins on the spot and the animals' behaviour change everyday. We do not control these external factors cannot predict the encounters in advance. Our team adapts and do their best to offer you a memorable interaction.

EXCLUSIVELY by Vitamin Sea: book your personal underwater pictures and videos with the dolphins made our photographers [GoPro]. The pictures' final result will basically depends on the dolphins interaction and your swimming abilities. After verification and your approval, all files will be given to you on an SD card after the trip. See below, all pictures by us!

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For more information regarding pricing and booking, please contact us via button below.

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