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Observe these gentle giants with us..

On the West coast of Mauritius, we are lucky enough to welcome two species of whales: resident sperm whales & humpback whales (May to September). Our crew will be delighted to bring you to these deep blue sea creatures during a private tour. 

This trip will last between 3 hours to 4 hours according to their location, patience is key sometimes. There could be a long period of research to locate them, we don't recommend young children on board for this specific excursion.


Experience the best of both with our Dolphins swim & Whales watching excursion of 4 to 5 hours.

Please note that there is a possibility that we don't see the whales, unfortunately we can't predict those encounters. Taking in consideration that it is a high fuel cost trip, we will offer a 20% discount if you don't see the whale.


Homemade banana bread and soft drinks will be provided during the tour.


EXCLUSIVELY by Vitamin Sea: book your personal underwater pictures and videos with the dolphins made our photographers [GoPro]. The pictures' final result will basically depends on the dolphins interaction and your swimming abilities. After verification and your approval, all files will be given to you on an SD card after the trip. See below, all pictures by us!

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For more information regarding pricing and booking, please contact us via button below.

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